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     1= Deleting a Wiki Page =
     3Existing wiki pages can be completely deleted using the ''Delete Page'' or the ''Delete this Version'' buttons at the bottom of the wiki page. These buttons are only visible for users with `WIKI_DELETE` permissions.
     5'''Note:''' Deleting a wiki page is an irreversible operation.
     7If you want to delete a page because you actually re-created a new page with the same content but a different name, it is recommended to keep the page and use it as a redirection page instead of completely deleting it, as to not frustrate the visitor with broken links when coming to the site from a search engine.
     9In this situation, chances are that you actually wanted to [[WikiNewPage#renaming|rename]] the page instead of doing a copy + delete.
     10The ''Rename'' operation also offers you the possibility to create a redirection page.
     11A redirection page is a short page that  contains a link such as  “See !SomeOtherPage”.
     13However, deleting specific versions or even complete pages can make sense to remove spam or other abusive submissions.
     16See also: TracWiki, TracPermissions